6 Reasons Why Traditional Alarm Clocks Reign Supreme 

 May 8, 2022


It seems like almost everyone has a smartphone and these phones are our everything. They’re a camera, a calendar, a way to communicate, and they are also a very easy to use alarm clock. However, with that said, your smart phone may not be the best choice in terms of waking up in the morning.

What if we told you that using a traditional 1990s alarm clock would give you a better nights rest? Here are 6 ways that a traditional alarm clock is better than your smartphone.

1. Have A “Normal” Sleep Schedule

More often than not, when you use your phone as your alarm clock, you’re going to have a harder time falling asleep because the draw of checking status updates, seeing what’s new on YouTube and other social media is too alluring. 


By ditching the bright glow of the smart phone and relying solely on a traditional alarm clock, you’ll be able to relax and maintain a normal sleep schedule.

2. Reliability

We’ve all had those moments when our phone is nearly dead and we plug it in for the night, only to realize the charger wasn’t plugged in all the way. This leaves your phone to die and there you are without an alarm to wake you up. A traditional alarm clock usually runs on batteries and even if the electricity goes out, you will still be able to wake up on time.

3. Reduces Negative Impacts Of Keeping A Smart Phone Next To The Bed

Sleeping with your cell phone so close to you is screaming for some very bad things to happen. Not only will you not be able to sleep because of the bright blue light, but your phone emits electromagnetic radiation when they are turned on. This means that if you’re someone who sleeps with their phone, you’re exposed to that radiation.

4. Peace Of Mind

Having an alarm set at night gives us some peace of mind when sleeping at night. According to the founder of Sleep Easily, Richard Shane, PhD., there are some people who don’t use an alarm clock will look at their phones when they wake up in the middle of the night. This has the tendency to cause anxiety and make it difficult to sleep.

5. Travel Friendly

When you’re going camping or backpacking, you may want to disconnect from all smart devices. In the process of doing this, you’re not going to be able to use your phone to keep track of the time. A small alarm clock is great for traveling.

6. You Can’t Sleep Through The Alarm

When you use a smart phone as your alarm clock, you could easily sleep through the alarm. It is way too easy to turn the volume down the night before, even if you don’t mean to do so. With a traditional, 1990s alarm clock, there is no way you’ll be able to sleep through the loud ringing of those alarms!


With all these things aside, it seems like using our smartphones before bed can severely hinder our sleep patterns.  While you probably aren’t going to ditch your smartphone any time soon, there are some ways that you can ensure you get a better night’s rest, such as:

  • Practice healthy habits. This includes eating a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol or caffeine before bed, and get plenty of sun. You should also be sleeping on comfortable bedding and a comfortable bed. Avoid electronics like smartphones and televisions because they can be stimulating.
  • Go to bed with plenty of time for rest. If you need x-amount of sleep to feel refreshed in the morning, make sure you go to bed early enough get that sleep.
  • Stick to regular hours and stop hitting that snooze button. This means that you should keep the same bedtime and wake up time – even when you don’t have to go to work or school. By keeping regular hours, you can wake up much easier when the alarm goes off. Try your best not to hit that snooze button! That’ll only make it harder to stick to your sleep schedule.
  • Use an effective alarm. Some people can sleep through any noise, but the moment there is a little bit of light, they are wide awake. For those people, there is a sunrise alarm. They mimic the sunrise and at the time you need to wake up, it’ll be “full sun,” meaning it’ll be bright. Another example of an effective alarm an alarm that gently gets louder the longer it goes on, which will ease you out of your slumber.


Of all the things that we need to stay healthy, sleep is one of the things that people tend to not pay much attention to. One of the reasons why many people sleep poorly is because of the use of their smartphones. When you put aside the smart phone and opt for a traditional alarm clock to help you wake up in the morning, you’ll be surprised by how much better you will sleep.

We will admit, it’ll take some getting used to. It isn’t uncommon for people to go through withdrawals when their phone is out of reach – even if you’re asleep. However, with an alarm clock, you’ll be able to stick to a better sleep pattern, rest much better, and even have a bit of peace of mind in knowing your alarm will never fail on you.


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