Tramontina Gallon Step Trash Can Reviews 

 December 28, 2020

By  Jacqui Cheng

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Did you know that garbage collecting became an official system in 1875 in England? And did you also know that the first garbage can was created to store ashes from burnt waste? The United States didn’t pick up the system until ten years later.

In fact, New York City was the first city to create a comprehensive waste management system! Today? Well, today you’d be hard pressed not to find some kind of garbage receptacle in every home, business, store, or on the street corners.


We are obsessed with keeping our garbage tucked away and with good reason. Trash bins keep our rubbish away from your curious children and pets, they keep the pests at bay, and they help keep stinky odors from permeating throughout our house.

And as we as a species like fancier things, it’s no surprise that our garbage cans have to follow suit. The Tramontina Step on Waste Can fills our need for style, even though it’s a meager trash can!

In this article, we are going to look at the Tramontia Step On Waste Can and talk about some of the features that make this can different than regular cans.

We’re also going to look at what people who have purchased this can had to say about it. 

Finally? We’re going to give you our recommendation on whether you should consider upgrading your boring plastic can to this one.

About The Trash Can

For people who want a sleek design and contemporary finish, the Tramontia Step On Waste Can proves that you can have that stylish look without breaking the bank. Some notable features of the garbage can include:

  • Durable pedal provides easy step open Soft-close lid Trim ring conceals bag overhang
  • Stainless steel step can with freshener system Removable liner with vented base
  • Unique Rectangular Shape
  • Print and stain-free, satin-finish stainless steel (Body of step can only)
  • Hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant materials provide durability
  • Heavy-duty hinge construction Plastic base prevents damage to floor
  • Freshener system helps minimize odors
  • Two freshener cartridges included Recommended Trash Bag Size - 13 Gal / 49.2 L
  • Tall Dimensions: 17.6 in. W x 15 in. L x 26.8 in. H

When it comes to the design of a kitchen, people tend to neglect the trash can and not give it much thought. However, with the inclusion of this garbage can, people will take notice. The sleek and sophisticated stainless steel, rectangular shape of the can will match any kitchen décor and it’ll blend in beautifully with the other stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.

Because this trash can is made from stainless steel, it is weighs almost twenty pounds, so you know it is going to be quite sturdy. Your small and medium dogs aren’t going to knock the can down and get the garbage all over your home. Since the can uses 13 gallon bags, that is a decent amount of garbage that isn’t going to be on your floor!

The foot pedal is a useful feature because who really wants to touch the lid of the garbage can? If you’re carrying your child and throwing out a dirty diaper, you don’t want your baby to come on contact with whatever bacteria lurks under the lid. The pedal eliminates that risk and gives you a hands-free way to lift the lid so you can easily throw out your garbage.

Keeping your garbage can clean is going to be a cinch too, thanks to that stainless steel body. Simply wipe away any grime with a soapy rag and that’s all.

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What Others Say

On paper, the garbage can looks like it is a great can. We wanted to know how well it performs and so we checked out the reviews left by verified purchasers. As you would expect, the majority of people left a 4 or 5-star reviews. Of these reviews, the people said that the can was “more than just a trash can.

They felt it was a stylish addition to their kitchen—almost like it was a work of art. They enjoy the soft close lid and the hard liner that can be removed and cleaned as needed. Perhaps the most notable comment is that several dog owners were overjoyed that their pups couldn’t get into the garbage cans! Success!

So, if the can is so great, what could the rest have to say about their experience with this garbage can? One customer said that after only two months of use, the pistons stopped working and the lid no longer closes all the way.

Several customers said they received their trash cans with large dents in the body. Each of these customers tried contacting the manufacturer for a replacement or some sort of refund, but they weren’t able to get in touch with them. Another customer said the air freshener in the can smells horrible, even after it was removed.

Our Recommendation

As far as trash cans go, you might have a hard time trying to justify spending around [amazon fields="B01HNAUH7U" value="price"] on something you’re just going to throw your garbage in. Although, with that hefty price tag comes durability, design, and style.


Unlike other plastic garbage cans, the stainless steel body of the Tramontia Step On Waste Can offers stability. Your pets won’t be able to knock it over and make a huge mess.

Also, because it comes with a removable inner liner, if your garbage bag leaks, you can easily take out the inner liner to clean, instead of struggling with a 20-pound container with a lid to get the inside clean.

While this can may not be the most affordable unit on the market, we feel that it is something worth considering, especially if you want a trash can that fits in with the rest of your stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.

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Jacqui Cheng

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