Essential Travel Accessories Every Jett-Setter Should Own 

 February 3, 2022

By  Hanel

Travel accessories are items that have been designed to make your road or air trip convenient, fun, and hassle-free. These items have changed and will continue to do so as the ways we travel changes. Think about it, over 100 years ago, travelers would definitely not need to pack their smartphones and chargers because they didn’t exist. Like this and so many other changes have impacted what we need on our trips.

Regardless of time and technological advances, there are certain priority or must-have travel essentials that never go out of style. This is simply because of how important they are to use while on your trip.

Are you finding it difficult getting or packing the right items for your next trip? Not sure what you need for your pet, kids, and cars? We are here to help. This piece takes an in-depth look at travel accessories and sharing some of the items you’ll be needing for your next journey.

What Are Travel Accessories and Why Do You Need Them?

As mentioned earlier, travel accessories are those items designed to make your trip convenient, fun, and hassle-free. While this definition touches all aspects of travel accessories, it does not do this broad and important term justice.

Travel accessories can be said to mean anything: a passport, carry-on bag, backpack, or any other item that makes your travel easy, comfortable, enjoyable, and stress-free. Since most travelers tend to leave important items behind because of how overwhelming packing can be, a travel accessories list helps them pack, ensuring that they do not leave anything behind. Besides that, there are a couple of benefits associated with having and using a travel accessories list but bear in mind that these benefits differ from one person to another.

  1. Saves you time – ordinarily, when traveling, you will need to spend a couple of hours packing the essential items for your trip. Not being focused on the essentials you will need will only lead to one thing – you spending more time packing and cross-checking your packed items. A travel accessories guide or list will prevent this from happening.
  2. Ensures that you have everything you need – as mentioned earlier, most people, even the most careful ones tend to forget essential items when traveling. Depending on where you’re traveling to, it is important that you remember the most essential items for the trip.

1. Must-Have Travel Accessories

There are actually a couple of items you must own and travel with if you want to make the most out of your journey. In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the must-have travel accessories. They are:

Travel Backpack

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or an occasional traveler, it is advised that you own and subsequently make use of a travel backpack. These travel backpacks are considered essential because they offer a higher degree of convenience and simplicity. Regardless of where you are traveling to, a travel backpack is ideal. Here’s why.

First, a travel backpack, unlike any other bag, has been designed with convenience, comfort, and style in mind. Backpacks have been built with shoulder straps for easier and convenient carrying. All you need do is place this bag on your shoulders, and you’re good to go.

Secondly, a travel backpack is capable of accommodating all your essential items. Whether it’s a short or long trip, you will need to pack a couple of essentials. A travel backpack offers you the room to do just that. It comes with different compartment layers that have been built to accommodate all your essential items. In addition to being super convenient and comfortable, these travel backpacks are secure.

Water Filter

If you’ve been following the news lately, then you’d agree with me when I say clean drinking water is not something you will find everywhere. Most countries, especially developing ones, have issues getting clean drinking water. This is exactly why water filters have become an important travel accessory.

Regardless of where you’re traveling to, taking a water filter or purifier with you will ensure that you can drink clean water. Depending on the water filter type you opt for, these water filtration systems are capable of removing contaminants and germs from your drinking water while preserving the essential nutrients needed. With a water filter system handy, you can confidently drink water from streams, lakes, rivers without having to suffer the consequences.

Inflatable Neck Pillow

Have a hard time sleeping while on a road trip or up in the air? Don’t find the headrest in most chairs comfortable? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you should consider getting an inflatable neck pillow for your travels.

Neck pillows, unlike your regular pillow, have been built to offer a higher degree of lumbar support to your neck and head. These pillows are capable of offering that comfort you need to sleep. No matter where you’re traveling, it is important that you get as much sleep as possible on your way.

Aside from being a solution to your sleeping problems while in a car, train, or airplane, an inflatable neck pillow can also be used in place of a hotel pillow. Most hotel pillows are not as comfortable as you’d like, but the inflatable neck pillow will offer you all that you need for a good night’s rest.

First Aid Kit and Medications

Falling sick while on vacation is not an experience anyone wants to have. It robs you of the opportunity to tour and have fun as intended. If the illness persists, your vacation plans might be ruined. To prevent this from happening, it is important that you take a first aid kit along with some medications with you.

The importance of first aid cannot be overemphasized. It has proven time and time again to be a lifesaver, making it one of the most important must-have travel accessories out there. While owning and taking a first aid kit with you is important, it is equally important that you know how to administer it. There are tons of videos on the internet to give you the basic information on how to properly use your first aid kit.

If you’re unsure of the items to add to your first aid kit, you should include the following: ointments, antiseptic, bandages, cotton balls, tweezers, cold compress, antacids, thermometers, strain, and pain-relieving drugs.

Navigator and Compass

When you’re out there having fun or sightseeing, you might get lost if you are not careful. If you have kids with you, it is of utmost importance that you take a navigator along with you. In case you find yourself in an unfamiliar place, a navigator will ensure that you are able to find your way around. In addition to traveling with a navigator, you should also own a compass especially if you’re going hiking.

A compass will ensure that you are able to find directions in certain areas with little or no connection.

Lantern and Torch

The electric power supply is one of the scarcest resources, especially in developing countries. Whether you are traveling to a country or state with limited power supply, it is advisable that you take with you at least two lanterns/torches. Depending on your destination and the plans you have, a lantern or torch can be an ideal travel accessory. These items will help you find your way back to the hotel even when there’s a blackout.

Unforeseen occurrences are bound to happen and your best option is to be prepared. Taking a lantern or torch with you is one of the ways you can prepare for those unforeseen events. In addition to helping you when there’s a blackout, these lanterns or torches are particularly convenient and easy to carry. If you are probably wondering how you’d fit a lantern in your carry-on or backpack, you will find it surprising to know that they are quite lightweight and can fit into a backpack perfectly.

Travel Toiletries Bag

If you’ve ever left your toiletries behind while traveling, then the travel toiletries bag is one of the must-have travel accessories you should own. The basic idea behind this accessory is to ensure that you are able to safely store all your toiletries without it interfering with the other items you’ve packed. This is an ideal travel accessory for women.

This bag comes with various compartments that give you the opportunity to place all essential items in convenient locations. Regardless of the number of items you have, this unique travel accessory is capable of accommodating all of them. It is incredibly easy to carry about and can fit into any type of travel bag you opt for.

Female Urination Device

With this must-have travel accessory for women, you do not have to worry about finding a restroom to do your business. A couple of brands in the toiletries industry have made it easier for women to urinate freely even while standing. This device unlike anything you’ve seen affords you the opportunity to urinate while standing. It has been built to conform with the body and can easily be washed with soap and water after every use.

This device comes with extra storage tubes and tissues for use. It is not only convenient but it is a healthy option for women. This travel accessory is ideal for all camping and hiking trips.

Portable Wash

Regardless of where you are traveling, you’ll want to bring a portable bag for washing your laundry. This portable wash is basically a bag that does your laundry. It is currently one of the leading camping essentials.

Weighing less than 142g, this portable wash bag has been designed to enable you to stay clean throughout your trip. In addition to this, it saves you money and time that would have been spent paying for the services of a laundryman.


This is one of the must-have travel accessories for men. A wallet is an essential traveling item because it affords you the opportunity to store some of your important materials or documents.

According to a survey conducted by one of the leading travel websites, more than 53% of travelers worry about forgetting their passports and other relevant traveling documents to the extent that they have to hold them in their hands. The survey further reveals that 6% of travelers forget their passports. One of the root causes of this is the lack of a wallet or storage facility for the safekeeping of these documents. A large-sized wallet has proven to be a solution to this problem. These wallets allow you to store your passport and other relevant travel documents so that you do not forget them.

Aside from storing your documents, these wallets are incredibly easy to carry about. Consider getting one of these wallets from your next trip.

2. Car Travel Accessories

While we have shared some of the must-have travel accessories for women and men, it is only right that we discuss the essential car travel accessories every car owner should take along on every road trip.

These car travel accessories are important because they ensure that you and your loved ones are safe as you travel. These accessories include:

Jumper Cables

These cables come in handy when your car battery dies. With the help of these cables and your car manufacturer’s manual, you should be able to get your car started. Having this accessory in your trunk at all times will save you from being left stranded out on the road.

Manufacturer’s Manual

Oftentimes when people get a new car, they immediately toss the manual aside without going through it. Consider placing your car manual back in your car as you might need it later. Regardless of how long you’ve used a particular car, there are still a ton of things you don’t know about it. This is exactly why your car manual should be kept in your car especially on road trips.


As mentioned earlier, unforeseen occurrences are bound to happen and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. Keeping a jack in your trunk is one way you can be prepared for the worse. If you have a flat tire while on the road, you can conveniently use the jack to change tires. Aside from having this tool or accessory in your trunk, you should know how to make use of it. The manufacturer’s manual offers a step-by-step guide on how to change car tires, do well to consult it before getting started.

According to various reports, over 70 people die annually as a result of improper jack usage. To prevent this, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the jack.

Spare Tire

Aside from having a jack in your trunk, it is equally important that you have a spare tire. Because of increasing mileage requirements, it is important that you have a spare tire available as you set out on that road trip. While most vehicles come with a spare tire, others do not. If yours doesn’t, then it is important that you get one before heading out. Having a spare tire in your trunk saves you an incredible amount of time and money.

Lug Wrench

A wrench is a tool that is used to remove the nut from the wheel. While most vehicle manufacturers include a wrench in most vehicles, they are not as good as other standard lug wrenches. Depending on the wrench your car comes with, you can consider getting a new one for that road trip you’re planning.

One of the main reasons why it is advised that you get a standard lug wrench is because most of the time they come with a higher leverage level, ensuring that even the toughest nuts are removed conveniently.

Snacks and Non-perishable Foods

If there’s anything as bad as sitting in a car for hours, it’s doing so on an empty stomach. Snacks and other non-perishable foods have become one of the most essential car travel accessories anyone will need.

In the unlikely event that you have to wait for hours to replace or change a tire once it goes flat, having snacks around will keep you and your loved ones busy while waiting.

3. Pet Travel Accessories

Dog Harness

There are bound to be collisions while driving, coupled with the fact that you cannot control your pet’s movement during those times, getting a dog harness will ensure that your dog stays safe even if a collision becomes violent. While most pet owners keep their pets in the trunk or a crate, getting them a dog harness makes them feel loved.

When shopping for a dog harness for that upcoming trip, it is advised that you opt for one that is made with breathable and incredibly durable materials. This essential pet travel accessory can perfectly fit into your seatbelt and can also serve as a leash for long walks.

Car Seat Covers

When going on a long trip with your pet, you need to keep in mind that they may poop or pee at any time. To keep your car seat water-free, clean, and odor-free, it is important that you get a seat cover. Aside from peeing on a car seat, your pet may spill food or water.

With these seat covers, you do not have to worry about them peeing or spilling water while on a road trip. All you’d have to do is clean it with a dry rag. For hygiene, it is advised that you regularly clean the seat cover with water and soap.

Dog Bed

If you are unsure of what to pack for a road trip, then you could consider packing a dog bed. These beds have been designed to be placed at the back of your car. They are comfortable, lightweight, and durable. Regardless of how long your pet sleeps on this bed, you can be confident that they will not experience body or back pain of any sort.

A dog bed is ideal for those long trips.

4. Air Travel Accessories

Wondering what to pack for that air travel? We have made a short list of some of the most unique air travel accessories you’ll be wanting to make your trip a fruitful one. They include:

  1. Headphones – flying without headphones oftentimes causes the journey to feel longer than it usually is. Experienced that before? Consider getting a headphone for your next plane trip. While there are tons of these headphones available, not all are suitable for those long travels. The cushion, noise cancellation level, and audio quality should be the primary factors to take into consideration when choosing any of these headphones.
  2. Footrest – generally, long flights can cause your feet immense pain. To prevent that from happening, you should consider getting a footrest. Depending on your needs, you can place this rest on your feet or calves.
  3. Travel pillow – most airplane chairs do not have lumbar support and can become uncomfortable for long durations. A travel pillow comes with amazing lumbar support that offers you a higher level of comfort. It is ideal for those long trips.


Travel accessories are essential materials you’ll be needing for that upcoming trip you’re planning. In this piece, we have discussed some of the must-have travel accessories everyone needs. Have these accessories handy before hitting the road or air.


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