Everything You Should Know About Travel Bags 

 July 2, 2022

By  Hanel

Traveling isn’t complete without packing some items to bring with you. For convenience, a travel bag is ideal for both long and short trips. Currently, there are various travel bags to choose from based on the nature of your journey, the items you’re taking along with you, and several other important aspects.

In this piece, we’ll take an in-depth look at travel bags, the various types, how you can maintain them, and other tiny yet important details.

Types of Travel Bags

1. Wheeled Duffel Bags

If we’re being honest, we all can admit that most people overpack when traveling to that dream vacation spot or destination. Some may find it difficult to pack up some odd and weirdly shaped items in a suitcase. If you’re one of those people, then you should consider getting duffel bags. Duffel bags have been designed basically to help you carry various oddly shaped items perfectly.

Duffel bags with wheels – also referred to as wheeled duffel bags – happen to be the best type of bag to take with you. Since you’d mostly pack items until it is full, these wheeled duffel bags will definitely make it easier for you to carry around. If you also plan on traveling light with only a few items, there are smaller sized wheeled duffel bags you can get your hands on.

Surprisingly, these bags are shaped and sized in such a way that you can carry them onto the plane without it being checked. One of the advantages of duffel bags is that they afford you the opportunity to pack more things than you would ordinarily pack when you go for another bag type.

In addition to that, they have quite strong handles that do not pull off easily. The way they are designed also provides you with another option to pack your belongings. There is a clip attached to the wheeler where you can comfortably place other smaller bags, helping you manage your belongings as you set out.

Designed for camping, day outings, and vacations, wheeled duffel bags are built to be incredibly durable and capable of withstanding almost any weather condition. There are various duffel bag sizes on the market for you to choose from. Depending on the weight of your items, you can pick any that best suits your needs.

2. Wheeled Luggage

While most people think of this bag as one of the best travel bags for men, that is not necessarily the case. It’s actually an ideal bag type for women because of its space, convenience, and ability to accommodate more items.

Over time, wheeled luggage has become associated with traditional travelers, both those traveling for work and leisure. One thing that sets this bag aside from some of the others is the singular fact that it has so many pockets to store toiletries, personal effects, medications, etc. Ideal for your urban travels, the wheeled luggage bag type happens to be incredibly convenient at the same time, affording you the opportunity to pick any item you want easily.

This is an ideal travel bag for long and short trips. Regardless of where you are visiting and your mode of transportation, this bag has been designed with additional room to pack not just your important items, but even some extras, without having to worry about them getting damaged. It has been built with an advanced and modern tarpaulin that is PVC-free and weatherproof. This rare material makes this bag one of the best travel bags for unisex that is easy to clean in and out. For durability, the zippers have been constructed in such a way that they can last for years, decades even.

Currently, wheeled luggage is available in several different sizes and shapes. The number of items you need for your trip, your mode of transportation, and your personal preference will determine which size is best for you.

3. The Suitcase

One of the oldest and probably the most common travel bags for men, suitcases have proven time and again to be an excellent travel bag. Designed with hard sides on the inside and outside, these suitcases are capable of keeping your important document safe.

Unlike any of the travel bags, suitcases are ideal for professionals, business executives, entrepreneurs, and basically anyone who’s going on an important trip. In addition to being a secure travel bag for your important documents, it has enough space to accommodate a few personal items.

You can conveniently pack a few items you’ll be needing for your trip. This suit travel bag is durable as well. Built with some of the best materials available, it’s constructed to last you for years and years.

4. Backpack

The best travel bag for millennials, backpacks are convenient, easy to carry, and provide enough space to pack essential and non-essential items. One of the core features of this travel bag is its convenience. Unlike any of the other travel bags mentioned here, backpacks are super convenient. You simply need to hang on your back as you head out. With this bag perfectly placed on your back, your hands are free to hold other essential items you’d be needing for your trip.

While it is super convenient and easy to make use of, one of its downsides is that it can put a strain on your shoulders and back. On rare occasions and if used constantly, backpacks can greatly affect your posture.

Backpacks are ideal for travelers with lots of things to pack who do not want to strain their arms by carrying heavy bags. It is also a perfect travel bag for your kids, as they can easily pack up and haul essential items with them. To prevent back pain and strain on your shoulders, the rolling backpack has been designed. Instead of hanging this bag on your back, you simply have to roll on the floor. Super convenient, right?

5. Travel Tote

Described as one of the leading travel bags for women, travel totes are incredibly fashionable and easy to carry. Aside from being stylish and capable of complementing your attire, the travel tote has enough space to accommodate some of your essential items. While every tote can serve as a travel bag, travel totes happen to be more convenient. They are put together with either straps or wheels to make it easier for you to carry. The addition of these straps and wheels ensures that you are able to carry this travel bag around without straining your arms.

While a travel tote has enough space to accommodate essential items, there may not be space for other slightly non-essential items, which makes it ideal for short-term travels. It is ideal for travelers in need of a beautiful bag that not only complements their dress, but also gives them enough space to bring essential items. These travel totes come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. If you’re always on the road, you may consider getting two or more travel totes of different colors. This is so that you can use them interchangeably.

A good travel tote is quite durable and if properly maintained, it can last you for years.

6. Travel Laptop Case

This is one of the very few small travel bags out there. Unlike your regular laptop bag, the travel laptop case has been designed to comfortably carry your laptop as well as other essential items as you set out. They are basically rolling suitcases that have been designed to enable you to carry your laptop around without having to worry about causing any damage. If you’re going on a business trip, the travel laptop case may just be the best travel bag for you.

One amazing feature of this laptop travel bag is that it lets you place your duffel bag on the handle for easier luggage management. While it is not that large to accommodate all of your essential items, it lets you pack the most important or essential items for that short business trip. This travel bag type has been designed specifically for individuals looking for a safe, comfortable, and easy to carry laptop compartment.

Like the suitcase mentioned above, this bag type is incredibly durable and capable of keeping your laptop in the same shape you left it in. Since both of the sides are made with hard and sturdy materials, you can be confident that it’ll last you for a long time to come. It is an excellent gift idea as well.

7. Messenger Travel Bag

This is the smallest travel bag out there. It is one of those travel bags you take for that short trip. While it cannot contain as many essential items as you’d want, it is convenient to make use of. Unlike the other bags, you can simply wear this small travel bag on your shoulder. It is way more secure than walking around with a tote bag.

This is also an ideal travel bag for those who want to run quick errands.

Benefits of Using a Travel Bag

While each of these bag types has unique features and benefits, there are a couple of benefits associated with using any of the travel bags and in this section, we’ll discuss some of the benefits.

Easy to make use of

Generally, travel bags of any type have been designed to be easy to pack and carry. With any of the travel bags listed above, all you’d need to do is place your essential items inside. Depending on the size, these travel bags can be easily tucked in perfectly in the overhead bins for a flight or under your seat.

Most of the travel bag types, such as the travel tote, have soft sides that can be easily stored in a way that your items do not get damaged.


Travel bags have been built to be comfortable to make use of. Unlike other bag types, travel bags can be carried around easily. For example, the backpack travel bag ensures that you do not strain your arms. Backpacks are capable of efficiently distributing the load of the bag evenly, which helps to keep you from suffering pain. Also, some of the straps on these backpacks are thick and have been padded appropriately to provide comfort.

Travel totes, on the other hand, have been built to be very comfortable. The straps on travel totes are not as thick as those found in backpacks, but they are still quite durable and also come with the right padding for comfort. Aside from being comfortable, they also offer you enough space to pack essential items.

Helps you organize items

One of the many problems most travelers have faced over time is that of not finding essential items even after they remembered packing it. Has this ever happened to you? If yes, then you should consider getting any of the travel bags mentioned above. For example, the luggage travel bag discussed earlier comes with various pockets and compartments for storing all your essentials. These compartments make it easier for you to keep your belongings organized, ensuring that you no longer have to look for them later.

Duffel wheeled bags also come with a number of pockets and additional compartments for various items. Carefully packing these essentials into the appropriate compartments will help you stay organized. Backpacks also come with a range of different pockets and compartments for storing small or loose items.

Basically, every travel bag will include different compartments for your items, which helps you stay organized throughout your visit.

Easy to move around

One of the core features of a travel bag is its ability to be moved around easily. Portability is one thing that you want in any travel bag. Since you’ll be taking these travel bags to the airport, train station, or bus park, you’ll be glad to pick a bag that’s not too heavy and convenient to pull, wear, or carry.

Here’s one great tip: duffel bags with wheels not only let you move them around, but also give you a handle to place smaller sized bags, in the process helping you manage your bags. Suitcases are also easy to move around. You simply need to take a firm hold of the handle and you’re good to go. Unlike most other bags, you may not need additional hands to help you move your travel bag around. This feature alone sets it apart from any of the other bag types.

More security

Choosing a travel bag for that trip you’ve been planning is one way to keep your items safe. Generally, it’s easier to handle and look after just one bag, rather than several of them at once. Since your items are properly packed into any of the travel bags, you do not have to worry about multiple bags, which keeps you from leaving any behind.

With travel bags that accommodate all your items, you only need to worry about a single bag. You can always monitor your bag from your seat on an airplane or train. Also, depending on the size of your travel bag, you can simply tuck it under your seat.

How to Maintain a Travel Bag

As mentioned earlier, these travel bags are built for durability and could last decades if properly maintained. There are a couple of maintenance tips you should take to heart if you want to keep using these travel bags.

Do not overpack items

This is one of the most important maintenance tips you need to take to heart. Regardless of the type of travel bag you own, resist the impulse to stuff everything you own in a single bag. Most travelers have this habit of overpacking items, even if they’ll be needing only a few of them while on the trip. This habit is not only bad for your pocketbook and your possessions, but it also adds wear and tear to your travel bag.

You should keep your travel bag organized and free. Strive to get a larger sized travel bag if you feel that your items would not fit the bag you own. Do not overpack!

Do not sit on your travel bag

Travel is exhausting. We get that it’s tempting to sit on your travel bag, especially if you’ve spent hours waiting at the airport or train station. Well, try to resist the urge. Your body weight may not only damage the bag itself, but may even damage some of the delicate items inside. Also, the wheels, handles, and compartment layers may get a beating. It is best not to put a lot of unnecessary weight on your travel bags.

Do not use a washing machine

While a washer may seem like a viable option for cleaning your travel bag, you should never do this. Not only is it capable of damaging your bag, but it could also harm your washing machine as well. Aside from not using a washing machine, you should never use hot water, detergent, or any other cleaning substance on your travel bag. This will nullify your warranty, and it may lead to damage and unremovable spots on your bag.

Clean regularly

You always launder your clothes, right? Your travel bag should not be left out. It’s important to clean regularly to keep it looking fresh and clean. This will prevent dirt and other unwanted particles and messes from ruining the fabric. Since using a washing machine and detergent is not a viable option, you need to mix water with vinegar, then wipe down the surface carefully.

It is also important that you vacuum it out a couple of days before your travel day. You can just sprinkle baking soda and you’re good to go. For the exterior, use non-abrasive soap, warm water, and sponge to clean from time to time. If you’re still unsure of how to go about cleaning your travel bag, you should consult the manufacturer’s manual.

Leave to dry after every wash

When drying your travel bag, it is important that you fill it with crumpled papers. This is so that it can retain its original shape. Also, once your bag is dry, do not immediately toss under the bed or in your closet. If you can do so, hang it in your closet or in any part of the house.

Essential Items for Your Travel Bag

Whether you’re prepping for a fun weekend getaway or a long business trip, there are essential items you’re going to need. To ensure that you do not leave any essential item behind, we’ve made a list of some of the items that should be in your bag before leaving home.

  • Money and other relevant traveling documents – The most important thing to take with you is money, preferably in the form of physical cash or credit cards. You also absolutely need your travel documents. If you’re traveling by plane, then be sure to keep these documents handy: travel insurance pass, boarding pass, health insurance pass, flight journey copy, passport, etc.
  • Medications – If you take medications regularly, they should be packed safely in your travel bag. Even if you don’t need medication, it’s still important to have a couple of basic health items like hand sanitizer, bandages, wet wipes, and pain killers.
  • Electronic gadgets – Your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and other electronic gadgets should be packed safely in your travel bag. Do not leave your chargers behind.
  • Clothes and other personal items – While the amount of clothing you should take with you will depend on the duration of your trip, it is important that you pack a little extra, just in case. In addition to your clothes, you’ll also be needing a towel and your shower items.


Travel bags help you travel conveniently and with some peace of mind, with plenty of space to bring along essential items. In this post, we’ve discussed some of the types of travel bags you may want to buy, as well as shared certain maintenance tips you need to take to heart if you really want to keep making use of your travel bag.

We hope this has helped you pick the best travel bag for your future trips!


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