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September 18, 2019

Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Full Face Helmet Reviews

With motorcycle protective gear, it may sometimes be tempting to look for the cheapest products available in order to save some cash. This is certainly understandable, as the cost of items like helmets, jackets, gloves, and even shoes can add up quickly, and add to your overall expenses.

This approach isn’t really recommended with motorcycle helmets though, as they are easily the most important protective gear you’ll ever own. Even if you find DOT-approved helmets, this is not a guarantee that the helmet will actually be comfortable, functional, and easy to use.

With that said, the Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Full Face Helmet is definitely on the cheaper side of the spectrum. In fact, it’s among the lowest price of any helmets out there. Does that mean it’s poor in quality? In this case, not at all.

The Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Full Face Helmet is the result of smart designing and quality materials, cutting a few corners in order to keep the price low. The final product is a very affordable helmet that not only offers the necessary amount of protection for riders, but has also integrated some smart features.

The helmet has a great look, with a sleek exterior that isn’t overly detailed or too over the top. This is a modular helmet, but the flip-up visor design has been implemented well, and helps give the helmet a high-quality aesthetic that easily exceeds its price.

The outer shell is manufactured from ABS plastic, and is paired with a protective visor at the front that acts as a shield from wind, dust, debris, and insects. The front shield is attached to the bottom chin portion of the helmet, and flips up with it.

The outer protective visor is paired with a sun visor on the inside of the helmet, which can also be retracted back into the helmet by using the switch located on the side. When used during the day, this visor functions similarly to wearing sunglasses for increased vision and less obstruction, but can quickly be moved out of the way for night time riding.

On the inside of the helmet, you’ll find plush padding all throughout, with removable and washable pads located near the cheek areas. The removable aspects ensures the ability to keep the inside of the helmet clean and free of odor buildup.

The helmet also utilizes an advanced ventilation system that can be adjusted, which lets you tailor the ventilation amount to the conditions — a feature that can come in handy when riding in colder weather, when you may want to provide just enough ventilation to prevent the visors from fogging up.

As for sizing, the Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Full Face Helmet seems to only come in small, though there have been five total sizes available in the past. This is true for each of the nine color options.

What We Like: The first thing most any buyer is going to be drawn to is the price — us included. For under $60, this helmet is a steal. This is a low price to pay for a DOT-approved helmet that is not only safe and effective, but also comfortable, while still offering all the typical functions expected of a modular helmet.

What We Don’t Like: The economical price of this helmet also means there will be some drawbacks. In this instance, the presence of wind noise is a common complaint, as is the tendency to fog up during use in colder weather, even with the adjustable ventilation system.

Still, the Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Full Face Helmet is a fantastic value, with only a few minor shortcomings. Most will be able to deal with its small issues with ease, but the restrictive sizing availability will not accommodate all riders, so keep that in mind.


  • Retractable tinted sun visor
  • Easy to actuate button for opening and closing
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • DOT compliant
  • Removable inner pads
  • Sculpted aerodynamic ABS outer shell
  • Standard D-Ring closure chin strap

Pros and Cons


  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Low price
  • Wide view


  • Wind noise is not optimal
  • May fog up in colder weather
  • Small seems to be the only size available currently

Buying Advice

The first thing you should always do with motorcycle helmets (and most gear for that matter,) is to read reviews from those who have already purchased and used it. When browsing various Amazon reviews, you’ll notice a lot of satisfied buyers, even if they still had a few complaints.

Perhaps more importantly, you’ll notice some stories of those who have been in accidents while wearing the Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Full Face Helmet, and ended up being protected from serious injuries. That’s always a good sign for sure!

Sizing is a crucial aspect of buying a helmet, and the Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Full Face Helmet is apparently only available in a size small for the time being — and it doesn’t matter which color you select.

As with any helmet purchase, be sure to check your measurements before buying. If you cannot wear a small, we’d recommend taking a look at the 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet {link to review} instead, which is relatively close to the price of this helmet, and offers most of the same features and design.

One last thing: Typhoon will let you exchange your helmet for a different one if the size or color is off. You will have to pay the shipping when sending it back to them, but you’ll get a replacement at no charge.


The Typhoon Modular Motorcycle Full Face Helmet is the ideal option for the rider who is looking to spend the lowest amount of money possible, without compromising on safety, features, and comfort. It provides the essential functions and looks of any reputable modular helmet, and manages to include some helpful features and aspects commonly found with more expensive products.

Any rider trying to stay within a budget around should strongly consider this helmet.

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