Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review 

 August 20, 2020

By  Kawandanell

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Boxing is undeniably a rough sport and metaphorically considered a game of life.  That is to say; the competition may jeopardize experience as it requires one to move forward and take blows, defend oneself and rise again. Hence, an acute self-awareness is the foremost priority of this game.

Quality of boxing gloves, in this regard, is categorically significant as they are the only sports weapon used in this game. Venum has been famous for always emerging with something innovative, and its Elite boxing gloves range is one of the precedents in its sports products.  


The product has vastly exceeded the quality of the gloves and provides more than just hitting the opponent. With its premium leather construction, the pair of gloves provides the highest quality and sheer protection.

Buyers who are aware of the subtleties of boxing game look for something that provides long-lasting quality and Venum Elite boxing gloves help them fight longer and harder. The product sets its aim to provide decent protection, ergonomics, and comfort; regardless of the fact that people use it for fighting or at the gym.

About The Product

Venum Elite boxing gloves are designed to meet the requirements of people who love to hit in the boxing ring or at the gym.  It is not only an ideal product for the boxers but equally facilitates the striking trainers and fitness enthusiasts. 

Product Features

  • Includes an anatomical design
  • Has large elastic enclosure
  • Made of triple density foam
  • Handmade and uses skintex leather
  • 100% attached thumb protection to prevent injuries
  • Has good thermal regulation under the fist
  • Weighs 2 pounds
  • 16 x 8 x 6 product dimension

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The purely handmade gloves use the premium Skintex leather that entails the characteristics of real leather.  Venum Elite boxing gloves are the fusion of stylish design and standard features that speak for their quality themselves.

Unlike other brands, Venum Elite boxing gloves have the best padding and protection that are perfect for not an only experienced fighter but entry-level boxers. The pair is extremely comfortable with its density foam and an elastic enclosure to provide extra support to the palms for hard hitting.  

Plus, the feature helps decrease the strain from wrist to reinforce palm posture. The attached thumb adds up to the design and helps reduce the risk of any possible injury. The protective padding makes the glove lighter in the weight and helps you fighting for a longer time.  

Moreover, the tenderness of skintex leather is comparatively better than vinyl that protects your sparring partner from getting brutal rashes during training.

Besides that, Venum Elite boxing gloves have unrivaled shock absorption and triple density to reinforce palms and to provide protection.  The advanced reinforcing foam technology helps decrease the amount of shock during blows and provides comfort when the fighter throws punches.

The gloves are handmade with a strengthened seamless design for a long-lasting quality for heavy fighting.  The surface of the Venum gloves is not prone to infection and does not cause friction between the hand and skintex material.


The condition increases the durability of the gloves.  The high panel density mesh is specially built under the elastic enclosure to help wrist regulate heat and keep the inside surface of the gloves cool and dry.

Venum Elite Boxing gloves have a stylish design with a fierce sporty look manifesting indicative goal of fighting. The overall look of the pair prioritizes the functionality and utility that help them make look distinct from other brands.  

You can tighten the grip with the help of the Velcro wrist strap wrapping it around wrapped around your wrist. The logo of venomous snake adds up to the design symbolizing the lethality involved in the game.

Pros And Cons


  • Top-notch comfortability
  • Classy design
  • Layered Foam for shock absorption and better protection
  • Adjustable strap for wrist maintaining
  • Comfortable with protective padding
  • Good for beginners
  • Cost- efficient


  • Not rigid due to an extra space between thumb and glove area

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What Others Say

Buyers are rating the gloves five stars not because of its attractive design, but for its ultimate protection features. People are happy with its quality of knuckle protection packaged with thick gloves material.  

Plus, the gloves offer durability unlike other available counterparts in the market.  With its protective padding and adjustable wrist wrap, buyers enjoy their fight or training sessions as it limits the wrist strain that may lead to a sprained wrist.

Furthermore, the unique look and better-constructed design do not cost much leaving the buyers surprised with its affordable price.  The Venum Elite Boxing gloves undoubtedly are the front-runner when it comes to durability.

Buying Advice

The explicitly bent design sometimes causes an uncomfortable press against thumb as few buyers with narrower and longer finger shapes have a complaint about that. Due to this, buyers are not being able to align wrist with their forearms while fighting.   


Apart from that, buyers are satisfied with the gymnastic built of Venom boxing gloves and consider it an excellent addition to the range of their sports equipment.

The affordable Venum Elite Boxing gloves are one of the most purchasable items on Amazon and also offers statement credit card discount up to 25 %. If you are interested in buying, the product is available around[amazon fields="B078Y45V5X" value="price"].

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, buying Venum Elite Boxing gloves is a good deal as it provides you a flexible padding, modern design and a comfortable fit within your means.  

With these protective gloves, you can try both heavy and light hitting that includes bag work, light sparring or general pad work.  Despite having frictionless soft material, the boxing gloves offer better durability with its Skintex leather.   

Also, to prevent injuries, Venum Elite Boxing gloves pioneered the boxing brands as it keeps you safe from the brutal bruises and provides comfortable wrist grip.  Thus, Venum Elite boxing gloves are indeed a sturdy pair that performs comparably better than other brands in the market.

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