The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Water Bottle 

 January 19, 2022

By  Jonathan Maxwell

There are plenty of options in the market for choosing the perfect hot water bottle, for example, for those who need to carry their coffee around. There are also others who need to carry water when they are backpacking and the sun makes them thirsty. Runners also have the need to bring a water botter with themselves! It’s sometimes hard to choose from them the best model for something specific. We have sorted all the options out there and wrote our top ones from each category.

Some of the advancements for a glass water bottle, for example, are quite impressive, while others just added more complexity to the everyday task of having a sip of water. Should you choose a 64 oz water bottle or a 32 oz water bottle, stainless steel or a plastic one? Well, in this article, we will outline the benefits of each type of material and the features in these bottles’ design. We hope this will help you decide on the right bottle for your needs and lifestyle.

Why Buying Reusable Bottles?

Nowadays, many people use reusable water bottles. If you still don’t, let us convince you otherwise with these three points:

  • Reusable bottles are better for the environment, as every time a bottle is produced more resources are used and pollution is created. If you use yours again, you will be taking care of the environment. Each refill is one less bottle produced.
  • Plus, these bottles cost less in time. If you have to buy a water bottle every time you are thirsty, you will end up spending a lot of money. You can just refill it with tap water and save money.
  • Regardless of what some people claim, tap water is safe as it is tested in every state by federal agencies, so there is no reason to think it is not as safe as mineral water. It is every bit as healthy, so don’t worry.

There’s one thing we can clearly all agree on ---reusable waters are a must! Buy one soon!

Is Plastic Still an Option?

Most experts recommend that the bottle you buy is of glass, stainless steel, or copper because of their durability and added benefits (as the ones we are going to mention in this guide). True, glass may break but only if the bottle is cheap. If not, there is nothing to worry about. In fact, you should be taking into account the health benefits because they are certainly worth the money the bottles cost. However, if you prefer going for a cheaper option (plastic), that should not be a problem either. They are usually lightweight, as (or more) durable as other materials and they do not pose a serious health risk if you buy from a reputable vendor. 

So, if you would like to buy a plastic item, take into account the following tips to make the most out of your product:

  • Don’t heat the bottle inside the microwave. The plastic might be deformed and the beverage will be contaminated, so it might not be so suitable for those who want to bring coffee to work, for example. Runners will find it a better suit.
  • Try not to use the dishwasher but use your hands to clean your bottle. This way, you will make sure you eliminate all the toxins and bacteria and keep yourself healthy. 
  • The sun can damage the plastic, so don’t leave it outside laying in the sun or you might not find it in the same conditions when you return.
  • Throw the bottle away if it starts to wear out or become discolored because the plastic may have the risk to contaminate your liquids.

We are sure that if you follow these simple tips you will find a plastic item very suitable for your purposes (unless you intend to put very hot liquids inside of them!).

More benefits

It is commonplace to say that drinking lots of water is beneficial for our health. But recent

studies show that drinking water from a specific type of bottle, such as glass or steel, is even more advantageous. Ayurvedic medicine, for instance, favors copper vessels because copper helps the body to balance its three doshas (vata, kapha and pitta) by imbuing the water with the beneficial health properties of copper. Let’s take a look at more benefits of drinking your liquids from these vessels instead of plastic ones or even an ordinary glass.

1. Purifies Water: When you store water in a copper or glass container, the metal acts as a purifier. It efficiently eliminates microorganisms like bacteria that could cause harm to the body.

2. Improves the Digestive System: Copper containers clean the digestive tract and help rids the liver of toxic substances. What is more, they favor the absorption of nutrients and help eliminate harmful bacteria, thus preventing a bad stomach. 

3. Helps you Lose Weight: Drinking from a vessel such as the ones we mentioned before causes body fat to break down, making it easy for your organism to eliminate it. Combined with a healthy diet and a good workout program, drinking from a copper container is an all-natural way to watch your weight.

4. Slows the Appearance of Aging: When you store water in these containers, it becomes loaded with anti-oxidants. In addition, the properties of copper and stainless steel aid the production of new skin cells, and fight off the appearance of wrinkles.

5. Keeps Skin Fresh and Glowing: Copper is an essential element in the production of new cells that helps refill the top layers of your skin and gives it a youthful quality. Drinking from this item regularly can significantly improve the health and appearance of your skin.

6. Stimulates the Brain: Research has shown that such metal is a powerful brain stimulant. As a result, it helps your mind work more efficiently. This is because this material aids in the synthesis of materials which are crucial for the formation of myelin sheaths

Aspects to take into account before buying one of these items

If you are planning on buying a reusable bottle there are some things you should ask yourself:

  • How will I use this bottle? This might seem like a silly question but you have to consider where you will take this bottle and what for. 
  • Am I going camping so weight is important? Is it a bike water bottle I’m looking for? Maybe a 16oz water bottle is the one you should aim for.
  • Am I going to take it to my yoga class? Not all bottles are suited for every environment or activity. The Klean Kanteen Classic, for instance, is great for any activity. 

However, if you are actually looking for a very specific type of bottle (as for a backpacking trip), you should go for the Hydrapak Stows. When drinking water around town it is better to get a Lifefactory Classic. Just identify what you actually need and buy a bottle that is good for you.

Rigid or collapsible?

If there is a space limit and weight is important, then go for the collapsible ones. They don’t take as much space as the rigid bottles when they are empty. You can just roll them and put them away in your backpack. Because of this, collapsible bottles are the preferred choice among hikers. When you are going on a multi-day trip you need something practical. They are also useful when traveling as you might spend a lot of time walking around and carrying stuff. However, these bottles are a bit awkward to use and they do not last long.

As regards the rigid bottles, there are so many advantages to name. It is generally easier to drink from them as they don’t move and flop around as the collapsible ones. When exposed to a pinch, they can double, In addition, they insulate better than the collapsible ones, too. The best option is the Nalgene Wide Mouth that is great for hiking in the backcountry.

How will I drink from it?

The main purpose of a water bottle is for you to have a container to transport your liquids and stay hydrated. All bottles fulfill this purpose but some of them are not that easy to drink from. The ease of use is an important factor to take into account. Each bottle has a different type of lid and the lid type is crucial: does it have a wide mouth or is it too narrow? Does the cap flip? 

In the past, all the bottles had a screw cap which, nowadays, we know they are not so convenient when you want to drink on the move. The newest models have easy-to-drink-from caps. If you are going on a long trip it’s better that you bring a wide mouth bottle. In this section, we will tell you everything you should know about the types of caps: flip-top, straw lid, screw cap, and also spouts. If their mouths are narrow or wide, too. In order to make it easier to read, we have divided them into two groups:

The Screw Cap or the quick access ones?

Many of the brands offer different cap options but our favorite is the quick access type. Quick access bottles come in different shapes: from the push and pull caps to straws, like the ones from Klean Kanteen and Platypus. There are two main advantages to these quick access bottles. 

Firstly, they let you take a quick sip of water. Secondly, they make us drink more water. How so? Well, as they are easier to use, we tend to consume more liquids during the day. There are reports that quick access tap leads people to drink twice as much water as they would normally do. If it’s so easy to do it, you will do it more often.

The only problem with this type of caps is that every time you drink, they get filthier. This happens because they are exposed to dirt. As the straws or any other mechanism they have been exposed to the surface, they are more likely to get fungus or dirt. This wouldn’t be a problem if you are just going to use your bottle once for a hike or to do sports. However, if you want it for everyday use expect to sanitize it quite often.

The alternative to these bottles is the screw cap ones. We think this option is better when you don’t have time or access to water to clean your bottle. It’s easy to keep them clean and the cap is more protected from the surface and dirt. Plus, it’s very unlikely they will open up inside your backpack and make a mess on your gear.

Wide mouth or narrow mouth?

If you are drinking straight from the bottle, narrow mouth ones are easier to drink from. If the cap is too wide there’s a good chance you will spill over your chest, especially if you are on the move. The narrow mouth ones still allow you to put ice cubes and fill it with tap water easily.

The main advantage of wide mouth bottles is that they are easy to clean, which in some situations is very important. Their best trait is that they are compatible with water filters. You can place a water filter inside to get rid of any dirt. This makes them a good way of collecting water from any natural place like a stream in the outdoors.

We generally prefer narrow mouths for everyday use, but the wide mouth ones for hikes or trips (especially when we know we’ll need to use some kind of filter).

Cold or hot---or both?

Not all bottles are good for both high and low temperatures. Sometimes we wish to carry a hot beverage and then a cold one in the same bottle. There are some bottles which are insulated, while some others are not so much. The best ones keep the hot temperatures for up to 7 hours and cool liquids up to 24 hours long. 

That’s great when you need to transport your liquids for a long time. You may want to drink a hot beverage at work or in the outdoors or take a zip of cool water. They are good to carry smoothies, cold juices, ice water, anything you want. However, because of these features, insulated bottles are quite expensive, they weigh more and take more space. 

Why are special bottles the best way to stay hydrated?

Stainless steel and copper water bottles are rapidly replacing plastic bottles as the most popular way to drink water and other beverages on a daily basis. If we take a close look at the amazing benefits of copper vessels, it is easy to see why. 

To begin with, you can refill your copper bottle wherever you go, whether you’re doing sport, working out, hiking or camping. Admittedly, this is also true of plastic bottles. But unlike these, copper bottles allow you to have better control over the quality of the liquid you drink. whether it is cold or hot. 

Copper bottles are a simple, practical, modern, and ecological way of staying hydrated every day. We have listed some of the reasons which will make you want to replace your plastic bottle for a copper one immediately.

Reduce waste from disposable plastic bottles 

More than one billion plastic containers end up in crowded landfills and in the ocean every year. And this is just in the United States. The production process of these plastic bottles is contaminating in itself, so even if recycling rates were higher, plastic containers would still be a source of pollution. When we choose a reusable bottle, we are taking a big step towards helping the environment. With a copper water bottle and a good water filter, you are preventing dozens of single-use bottles per year from going in the trash. 

Copper, steel, and glass bottles are just better for your health 

Disposable plastic bottles are not only damaging the environment at an alarming speed, they are also causing harm to our bodies. This is because plastic bottles leach toxic chemicals into the water, especially when they are left in warm environments for long periods of time. This leaching process, called antimony, is dangerous for human health, and it may harm your digestive system. 

A single bottle will last for years 

If you’re determined to lead a sustainable and minimalistic lifestyle, a copper bottle is the best companion for you. Apart from helping you achieve a no-waste approach to life, carrying a reusable bottle helps you reduce the amount of clutter that occupies space in your house and in your mind. It also allows you to genuinely value the things that you do choose to own. A copper bottle is more than just a vessel, it's your everyday companion. If you take care of it, it will be so for a very long time. 

These bottles are aesthetic objects you will want to take everywhere you go 

In addition to the amazing health benefits we have already mentioned, you can find copper water bottles which are also beautiful pieces of modern art. Be the envy of every person who takes a look at these items in the gym or in the street! There are even some objects that can have a personalized design or logo.

Copper and glass are superior to any other material from which to make water bottles, and brands are working hard to produce products which, apart from suiting an active lifestyle, boast a simple, modern beauty. In conclusion, these are just a few reasons why you should replace your contaminating plastic container with a modern copper bottle. There are many more we could add to the list. In fact, we can't come up with one good reason why not use a copper bottle!

How to Use Your Bottle

Even though this seems like a very and straightforward process, there are many things you should take into account to keep you healthy when using a bottle. In addition, it will make their life longer and will keep them looking flawless. Let’s take a look at some pieces of advice: 

  • Always make sure before buying a bottle that it is actually made of copper or stainless steel, and not any other metal of similar appearance. If they are not, then they can contaminate your liquids and you will regret it later.
  • Rinse the bottle with a naturally acidic solution. You can use lemon and water, for example. Don’t leave the water there for days because it prompts the formation of bacteria and you can get sick. Try to let the bottle dry naturally without the cap for some hours before using it again.
  • Fill your copple botter up a few hours before using it. To get the most benefit from it, do it the night before.

Having more than one bottle?

Most bottles are quite cheap so you may want to buy one of each for different purposes. For instance, you can have a metal or glass one for everyday use, but a plastic one to go hiking. Insulated bottles are always a good option when you want to have breakfast at work, drink a hot beverage in the outdoors, or take ice water when you go for a run. It’s really up to you!

With all this information, we are sure you are going to choose the right water bottle for you, and you will learn how to use it to make the most out of their benefits!

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