The Water Heaters: Everything You Need to Know 

 January 5, 2020


Cleanliness is next to godliness. Well I bet this rationale is rather an easy load for the mind to lift. We use water for diverse reasons in our homes. A house without sufficient water is uncomfortable because water is such a necessity. Water is a resource used daily in our homes.

Some of the reasons why water holds a salient place in the world today are high because the body is mainly made of it. Lack of sufficient water consumption can impart medical complications among individuals. Medical practitioners recommend that it is right to keep your body hydrated. 

This shows the imperative role that is often played by access to water. While it may be easy to overlook the advantages accrued due to access to water in our homes. Its presence surely brings infinite advantages to your shelter.  

In the line of consumption, water is a fundamental ingredient when preparing meals. Food preparation is hardly handled without the use of some water in the process. You will hardly prepare a full meal and miss a place where some little water will be required during the process. Water is a basic need for all humans. 

Water is also used as a cleansing agent. For this reason, it is used for cleaning purposes in our homes. Cleaning the body is one of such uses of water. Taking a cold shower regularly has several advantages. Personal hygiene can never be emphasized enough. Heating water in our households has brought convenience especially during the winter period characterized by intense cold. Despite this, you do not have to be alarmed about taking a shower either yourself or for your family members. A proper water heater will help you to take a shower without limitations of time like early in the morning or late at night when temperatures really drop.  Taking a shower also has refreshing effects on human anatomy.  

Cleaning food before consumption is another salient role played by water. Many diseases are caused by poor sanitation issues. For instance, if you have been toiling for the whole day you will be in contact with dirt and germs. Such despicable environments create the beginning of maladies. It is imperative for people to always clean their hands thoroughly before consuming any food. Similarly, this is applicable for fruits and vegetables. 

For these reasons, homes with ample water offers more comfort to its residents.  

The advantages of using hot water  

While it is clearly evident that water is a basic necessity for every home, hot water offers way more utility for households in some instances. 

The reasons enumerated below highlight the salient role played by water when it has been heated.  

Health status of individuals is one of these issues. Regular consumption of hot water has been reported to have several advantages to its users. Intake of hot and warm water aids in easy digestion and solving bowel issues. It helps to break down food easily. This completely eradicates complications such as constipation.

Blood circulation in the body is also easily facilitated by the consumption of hot water. The body blood vessels must remain dilated to supply blood to all body parts with equal measure. This also helps alleviate the chances of heart attacks. 

Detoxification of the body is facilitated by consuming hot water. Regular drinking of hot water helps to get of harmful toxins in the body. This is very important especially in the contemporary world we live in where the consumption of toxins is very common. It is very easy to consume products full of toxins. The accumulation of these toxins builds up to extents that may harm the body resulting in lifestyle-related maladies. Therefore, constant dehydration with warm water is relevant to eradicate the harmful effects of toxins consumed over time.

Health benefits accrued from the consumption of hot water is very extensive. Other applications include; relieving body pain, fighting cold flu, weight loss, and the reduction of stress levels, among others.    

Dishwashing also needs an ample supply of water. Some dishes remain oily depending on the nature of the meal consumed. Such dishes can be easily cleaned using hot water because heat will melt down the sticky oil hence simplifying the dishwashing process. 

Cleaning fruits and vegetables with hot water also increases the effectiveness of this activity. You do not know places that your fruits or vegetables have been through. It is highly advised to be alert about the consumption of these fruits. Hot water helps to kill germs effectively. Similarly, cleaning hands with hot water is deemed more effective than with cold water.  

These reasons are just few examples of the many ways we use hot water in our homes. The type of cleaning you need in your home is at per with the required health standards. This will be helpful for both yourself and your family members. 

Why you need a water heater in your home

The rationale highlighted above clearly shows the salient role played by the consumption of hot or warm water in our households. The major issue that arises in all this is the process of warming this water. Most people in the current times are very busy so the very act of constantly warming water on the gas cooker or using electric kettles proves rather tedious. 

The rise of water heaters able to heat ample water for the myriad of applications has helped to solve this issue to a great extent. It is now quite easy to heat your water for the diverse applications as you may wish. 

Getting a worthy heater is the first step to take. All that one requires before settling on the precise heater to buy is to first understand your precise needs.

There are diverse needs that often prompt people to purchase water heaters. It may be some of the reasons aforementioned, a combination of several, or some that extend the mentioned advantages. Regardless of which these reasons may be, it is imperative to remain alert to be precise with what you want to own. All the necessary information regarding electric heaters will be highlighted in this paper to ease your decision-making process.

All You Need to Know about Water Heaters

If you want to buy a water heater in your home, you need to begin with understanding the basic requirements before purchasing one.

Enumerated below are the features to look out for before making a purchase of electric heaters.

Types of water heaters

The types of water heaters are categorized into two major groups. The first is based on the storage type of these heaters and the other one is based on the source of heat. 

Based on Storage Type

1. Water Heaters with Tanks

Water heaters with tanks have existed for a longer time compared to the alternative. They include a tank that carries several gallons of water depending on personal preference. The total amount of water in the tank is heated every time this heater is turned on. 

2. Tankless Water Heaters

A traditional tank-style, the electric water heater is a prudent choice for larger households. These tanks hold 20 to 80 gallons of water at a time, always heated, and ready to go. On-demand electric water heaters heat water only when you need it, saving on energy costs. The trade-off is that on-demand models produce less volume compared to tank styles.


Water heaters with tanks were used in the past and are gradually being replaced by tankless water heaters. Water heaters with tanks are cheap at the initial stages. This is because the tank facilitates storage of the water to be heated and that is all that’s required. On the other hand, tankless water heaters need several installation requirements. 

Despite this fact, water tanks with tanks are gradually becoming obsolete because they turn have turned out to be significantly more expensive than tankless heaters in the long run. Tankless heaters only heat water when it is turned on at the tap. 

Water running through the tap is instantly heated. These new type of water heaters are less expensive in the long run because water that is not required won’t be heated. Consequently, they consume less energy.    

Based on the Source of energy

1. Gas Water Heaters

Many gas water heaters look just like electric heaters with tanks. The difference is that gas units are powered by natural gas or propane and require a pilot light. This pilot light typically burns continually throughout the day. You can find models with an adjustable pilot light setting that allow you to manually attend to the heater regularly. 

2. Electric Water Heaters 

Electric water heaters are relatively cheap to purchase in the initial stages. They go for comparatively fair prices, are easy to install, and are durable.  

However, it is imperative to be assertive about the consumption rate depending on your frequency of use. 


Gas water heaters are expensive at first but they are cheaper than electric water heaters when used over a period such as one year. Electric water heaters are more expensive than gas heaters in the long run because the energy consumption required by electric heaters exceeds that of gas heaters. However, this fact is always concealed because of the high price setting of the alternative water heater at the point of purchase.  

 It is also worth noting that the maintenance of your electric heater should be held with high regard. There have been several sad cases reported about some electric water heaters that have exploded resulting in tragic damages to property.  

Factors to consider before purchasing a heater

1. Cost of the Heater

Cost is the first thing to consider before making a purchase. You are only limited to what you can afford or what you feel is relevant to your social class. The value of a product is depicted by its price. When you see the price of the water heater you feel is right for you then you should proceed to the next step. This step is to align your needs and verify if you can settle or you will have to make the necessary adjustments.

The cost of acquiring a water heater includes its amount spent on purchase in addition to the additional overhead costs. These additional expenses are determined by the design of these heaters. The design concept of electric heaters affects the rate of energy consumption which in turns affects the aggregate monthly electricity bill. 

As much as you want to stay on a budget, do not compromise for lower quality of water heater to save an extra penny. You ought to remember that cheap may turn out expensive in the long run. Make sure your water heater is up to standard. A durable heater will last through an extended time. Make a wise choice in this aspect.       

2. Number of people to be served

The number of people in a residential apartments automatically determine the amount of water required for use. Large families should opt for water heaters that are appropriate to the demands. The same case should be applied to small families. It will be a disappointment to suddenly realize the rude revelation that the heater purchased was either too big or small for your family.

The number of people in an apartment increases the number of water gallons required. You should be keen to note that the size of the heater you choose affects the aggregate cost of the electric heater both during the period of purchase and certainly over a while.  

3. Source of heat preference

The amount of heat produced by water heaters to raise the temperature of water is generated in different ways. The two ways that have remained most effective over time is the use of gas or electricity to produce heat. The choice to use either of these is personal preference. Fortunately, a brand that combines both of these energy sources has emerged. This brand is known as the hybrid water heater. 

4. Number of activities carried out in your home

The number of activities done in your home will translate to more demand for water. Activities in the home may involve working out, cooking, holding meetings, cleaning the house, playing, among others. All these activities will call for the need for water sooner or later. It may be for drinking, cleaning up, washing laundry, or dishes. I mean the list is quite long. If your home has several people involving in ranging activities then this will call for the need of a water heater able to heat sufficient water for everyone. If your list of daily activities is limited then a small or medium-sized water heater is appropriate for you.

Features to look for in a water heater

1. Size of heater

The size of your heater is a significant factor to consider while purchasing a water heater. The size affects the total gallons of water that will be heated. When you have a large family this is highly recommended. The larger the family unit in a residential apartment, the higher the number of daily activities to be handled. The demand for water is directly proportional to these activities. Therefore, if you have a large family or you plan to have one then it is better off to buy a bigger water heater. On the other hand, if you live alone or have a small family then it is more appropriate to buy a proportional water heater.

2. Type of User Interface

The better the user interface, the easier it is to control and regulate the water heater. The best type of such a heater is the LCD Display Control. This feature makes it easy to control water heaters. The rationale behind this is because it can be controlled from a single location. You can easily set the temperature where you require the water to reach. Good heaters come with a display panel where you can set the output temperature and regardless of water flow the unit modulates the firepower.

3. Rate of energy consumption

Heaters use heat to raise the temperature of the water. The scientific logic behind this concept is the generation of energy which causes the heat. The existing sources of heat in these water heaters are gas and electricity. Due to technological advancement, there are water heaters that integrate these two sources. Some water heaters consume relatively more energy than others which brings a variation to the amount of money spent in these distinct cases. The preference to choose the source of heat -either gas, electricity, or hybrid- is the first decision to make. 

You will then have to decide the specific water heater to purchase. Your decision will be determined by assessing the average cost of money to be consumed over certain periods.   

4. Design of the electric heater

The design of electric heaters is relative and differs from an individual to another. Some people prefer heaters with tanks while others are lured more by tankless ones. Color preference also differs among people. The type of design of the water heater that is purchased is linked with 

5. Rate of Heat Conduction 

The high rate of heat conduction of heat to your water heater is slightly linked to the aforementioned factor; energy conservation.  Heat conduction determines how fast a water heater can raise the temperature of the water. Consequently, this affects the total amount of energy that is consumed before the water reaches a certain temperature.  

The water heaters with a high rate of heat conduction consume less energy because they take significantly less time to heat up the water. The rate of heat conduction is a very salient factor to put into consideration before owning one.   

6. Cost of Heater

The cost of the water heater purchased matters significantly. The total cost of the heater purchased refers to the cost of acquisition and installation in addition to the cost of its daily consumption. It is imperative to be well versed with the accrued cost of using electric heaters. This can be done through some window shopping that will help to unveil the costs that will be incurred after acquisition. Doing so will help you to be certain of what you are willing to spend. Acting on such a budget will help to ensure you do not misappropriate your funds unconsciously. It will ensure that you utilize funds accordingly. In this way, you will not end up with regrets because of unprecedented costs. 

7. Reviews of Past Users

Some say experience is the best teacher. Well as true as this statement may be, it is vividly clear that you do not have to experience something by yourself. If you saw a person recklessly crossing the road and end up in a gruesome accident that is a lesson. It would be unwise to wait for a similar occurrence to happen to you to learn your lesson.

The reviews of other clients have proved quite helpful in several instances. Reading what people have experienced with a certain water heater will help verify that this product is definitely worth the purchase. Reviews help to legitimize the final heater to opt for.   


The intake of warm water is prevalent in our households. It is important to be conscious of your precise needs of warm water in the house. If you need a water heater and don’t know much about them you are lucky. This article will be a proper guide to make sure that you make worthy purchases. Your purchase should be in congruence with your personal budget and the number of your users of the warm water. This article will help you to understand the relevant information about water heaters. This will help you to make a more intelligent decision.

So make a wise one. 


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