WEN Benchtop Thickness Planer Reviews 

 December 30, 2019

By  Kawandanell

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There is nothing more satisfying than to bring old, jagged and ragged wooden boards back to life. But you need to have something that gets the job done with precision and considerably ease.

That is where the WEN 6552 benchtop planer came into play and Infused with granite; the tool is ideal for repurposing uneven, worn-out and rough wood, providing a fantastic and a streamlined finish to the material.

The product is built-in with a robust and powerful engine and a set of extraordinary features that set it apart from a majority of similar products on the market.


Using this cutting-edge tool, you can design smooth and accurate boards maintaining thickness levels throughout the entire process. The planer can play an instrumental role in enabling you to carve and shape bent out of shape, highly irregular pieces of wood and precise level the material as per the specifications demanded by the project.

Another excellent thing about the wood planer is the fact that you can adjoin part and components. That is especially helpful for complex and precision-based projects. This functionality can come in highly useful when it comes to leveling off the sides of a drawer or a cabinet. Or to ensure the grooves of the material ideally fit. You can click here to see how this planer stacks up to the best.

About The Product

At times there may be a difference in the size of the material purchased at the local lumber shop. Sure, if the size of the wood is of no significant consequence, there is no reason you should worry. However, this isn’t the case in a majority of woodworking tasks.

With the WEN planer, you can conveniently plane the wood to produce precision-based board sizes. In light of this, mentioned below are some fantastic reasons you should buy the product:

A Powerful Engine

The product is inbuilt with a robust, high-performing 15-amp motor coupled with the company’s cutting-edge 2-blade system. Combines, the components produce over 18,000 cut every minute at a feed rate of 26 per minute. You can board wood planks that are six inches thick and twelve and a half inches wide without any complications.

Robust Design And Non-Marring Granite

Another reason why you should get your hands on this product is that it has a smooth, textured granite table that is brilliantly designed not to warp. That provides the streamlined wood support and precision passing through the tool.  Moreover, the planer is cast iron, which offers wobble-free stability.

Granite is known for its resilience and sturdiness. You can rest assured the planer’s table integrity will remain intact for an extended period. Apart from providing a smooth, non-marring functionality, the material will not allow all that sawdust to bounce off the table or stick to the face.

Quality Outfeed & Infeed Tables

The outfeed and infeed tables can be folded – which is excellent for wood pieces that are considerably longer. You can correctly adjust the angles on both components for a smooth feeding process.


Brilliant Tri-Roller Feeding Mechanism

The WEN 6552 wood planer has a state of the art feeding mechanism that helps considerably minimize material snipe. The machine has two knives that are placed right in the center of the roller. Plus, you can reverse the blades of the product to extend their durability and ensure they cut everything with extreme precision.

Rubber Handle For Adjustment And Ease Of Use

With a rubber grip, you can comfortably rotate and adjust the height of the planer to approximately 1.16 of an inch for on-point measurement.

Attachable Dust Hose Connection Port

You can quickly attach the dust connection hose with the machine to clean up the mess. Or you can connect a dry or wet vacuum with the two-inch dust extraction device. Reducing cleanup is fan-supported.

Collapsible Construction And Foldable Side Handles For Quick And Convenient Transport

Although the machine is massive to move around, you will be glad to know that it is collapsible. You can fold the side handles and move the product around with ease and comfort.

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What Others Say

The WEN wood reshaping tools have garnered a lot of popularity, and users are ecstatic about how precise and secure to use the product has proven to be. That is especially true for smaller stock. Plus, a lot of people stated they were happy about how simple it is to swap the blades out.

Another reason why the WEN wood planer got so prevalent throughout the US is that adjusting it is so convenient. One customer ran different types of materials through the machines, such as walnut, oak, etc. to see just how powerful the motor is, and he was pleasantly surprised.

Buying Guide

When you talk about convenience and project maintenance, you’ll be happy to know the product will enable you stock random wood materials such as old lumber, floorboards, and pallets.

That can save you a lot of time as you won’t have to search for wood pieces for exact size.

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Plus, now you can buy rough, uneven and jagged wood pieces from the local lumber shop for a low price and process them using your WEN machine. You can save a lot of money in the long-run.

Final Verdict

The idea of buying a product that service just one function should never be a reason not to get the WEN wood planer. It is merely a marvelous tool – especially considering the features and the amount of money it can save you down the line. It is an absolute must-have for wood shop business owners and professional carpenters.

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