WhatsBedding Down Comforter Reviews 

 February 13, 2020

By  Lisa Hanel

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  • Breathability for free air flow in warm environments and better insulation in cold nights.
  • Comes in 5 attractive colors to choose from for matching interior décor.
  • Soft, comfortable and relaxing sleep
  • Allows people with asthma and allergies to use it.
  • Provides even warmth distribution.
  • Usable in all seasons


  • The comforter might not offer sufficient warmth level in extreme cold winter months.
  • Might not last long

WhatsBedding manufactures different kinds of bedding such as down comforters, pillows, mattress and comforter covers and sheets, among others. It uses high quality raw materials to manufacture premium bedding.

Having been in the industry for years, the brand is produce the kind of bedding its customers want to see in their bedrooms. And, specifically on their beds. The company is popular for its affordably-priced down comforters.

The WhatsBedding Down Comforter comes with a 100% cotton outer shell. The 233 thread count fabric is considered high quality. The fabric is breathable to allow free flow of air in warm nights. Its breathability also ensures you don’t get sweaty during such nights, but remain cool.

The comforter is hypoallergenic, soft and has secure seams. The allergic free property makes the comforter ideal for persons with allergic reactions. You’ll enjoy feeling the fabric’s softness on your skin.

With the secure seams, you can expect the down fill in the comforter to stay in place without coming off. The light gray duck and goose down and feathers render the comforter lightweight, soft and of high quality.

The fluffiness of the down comforter is ideal for use in warm nights. You’d have to use it with additional blankets in cold winter nights. The box stitch, box quilting and corner loops hold the down fill and comforter cover in place, respectively.

They ensure that fill is evenly distributed inside the comforter and doesn’t move for even warmth throughout the night. The loops ensure that you enjoy non-slip use of your comforter when sleeping. They also prevent leakage of down fill from within the comforter.

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If you’re allergic or asthmatic, you can use the comforter without any fear of reactions. The down fill and cotton material used to make the comforter are hypoallergenic. The materials undergo a special treatment process to remove odor and treat the down fill for hypoallergenic use.

The brand cares about customer satisfaction and does what it can to meet your needs. It offers product guarantee to ensure you can get back a refund within a specified period if you aren’t happy with your purchase.

Choose among white, blue, pink, gray and purple color variations. It also comes in king, queen, twin and California king.

What We Like: We like that the comforter is lightweight and supports use warm sleeping environments. It’s also hypoallergenic, affordable and available in brighter hues to brighten your interior sleeping space. There’s no better way to showcase your personality than through the use of colors.

What We Don’t Like: The down comforter is not heavy enough to provide total warmth in cold winter nights. You’d have to use it with extra blankets to get sufficient warmth. The low thread count also could mean that down fill can easily leak from inside the comforter.

It means the comforter can’t last many years without constant wear and tear. It would need more care and maintenance to last.

Features of the WhatsBedding Down Comforter

  • Available in 5 colors
  • 100% cotton outer shell fabric
  • 233 thread count
  • Breathable fabric
  • Box stitch and box quilting design construction patterns
  • Soft and hypoallergenic
  • Duck and goose down fill
  • All season gray duvet cover

Down Comforter Buying Advice

Buy a down comforter with the right warmth level for use in cold or warm nights. Whereas comforters with high fill power, fill weight and thread count have a high warmth level due to increased fluffiness, the converse is also true.

This comforter, for instance, has a low thread count, indicating that its warmth level and fluffiness is low. Therefore, it’s ideal for warm sleeping environments. Apart from the choosing the right comforter size and color, other factors also influence the choice of a good down blanket.

Would you like to use your comforter with a duvet cover? This is likely a yes answer because duvet covers are handy in protecting your investment from getting stained, meaning you don’t have to wash it all the time. If the cover gets dirty, simply replace it with a clean one so you wash it.

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With the essence of maintenance and cleaning of a comforter in mind, you want to buy a blanket that’s easy to clean. Check its care label to find out if it supports both machine washing and spot cleaning.

Does it come with accessories such as pillows, a storage or a duvet cover? Determine the accessories you’ll want to use with the comforter so you can buy them together.

Some brands sell down comforters in sets, including relevant accessories. They might come in handy, especially if you’re working on a tight budget.

A storage bag will help you transport, handle or store your comforter safely when not in use. A good storage bag has a zipper and opens up like a suitcase to enable easy storage of your comforter.

Finally, check consumer reviews from previous buyers to find out their opinion about the products and brands you’re considering. Choose a reputable brand that offers warranties with their comforters to protect you from manufacturing faults.


The WhatsBedding Down Comforter is a hypoallergenic, soft and cozy comforter for all-season use. It’s among the best down duvets on the market for budget-friendly use without the need for long-term use.

They can be ideal for students joining college or children with short-term needs to keep warm at night because they grow fast.

Browse through Amazon for more information on the WhatsBedding Down Comforter and make your order today.

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