Yi Dash Camera Reviews 

 July 9, 2022


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If you can’t find your first dash camera, you should look into the Yi Dash Camera. The camera has an auto on/off feature which preserves its energy and records at important moments. For those wanting the best assistance while driving, the Yi Dash Camera is your best bet.

This guide was designed to help first-time buyers get the dash camera they need. Fortunately, the Yi Dash Camera has multiple viewing resolutions that can be adjusted to your current setup. Get ready for the review which begins...now!

About The Product

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  • Internal speaker & microphone
  • Angle Viewing Range: 165° diagonal
  • Weight: 45g
  • Auto on/off
  • Loop Recording

The Yi Dash Camera is known for its functionality despite its modest price. The camera has an internal microphone and speaker which is used for audio recording. It’s currently sold on Amazon at a price about [amazon fields="B075XGVKMP" value="price"].

At 165°, the camera has a large viewing area. This causes large warps towards the edge of the screen. However, the device still has good recording quality, even during the night time. For its price, the dash camera works well in low light conditions, with a lot of detail and colorful images on dark roads.

If you want to record at 1080p @ 60fps with this device, make sure that you have a high-quality SD card. The manufacturer suggests that the SD card has an 80 Mbps reading speed or higher. For other recording resolutions (1080p @ 30fps, etc) then a normal SD card is acceptable.


This camera has a compact 2.7” screen with 4 additional buttons for easy operation. Also, the device supports loop recording, G-sensor, and time/date stamps for improved accuracy. These extra features allow for more user control and better camera optimization.

We also like the device’s easy installation. On average, it takes users at least 2-3 seconds to plug in the camera and start recording. The Yi Dash Camera creates little heat, making it safe to use during extended driving trips.

The Yi Dash Camera comes in either grey or champagne gold. For users wanting a subtle dash camera, we suggest that you choose the grey color. It will remain on top of your car’s dashboard without attracting unwanted attention.

On the other hand, the device has a flaw in its camera focus. Once the device receives enough heat, it will show blurry images of the road in front of you. Use your car’s cooling settings to prevent this issue from occurring.

Still, the Yi Dash Camera is a great first-entry camera for roadside travel. The camera is easy to install and is Wi-Fi compatible with Android and iPhones. Get this product if you want a dash camera that will create accurate evidence as soon as you turn the car on.

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Buying Advice

Do you need extra advice before buying your first dash camera? Here are a few things to consider the next time you go shopping.


Dash camera lens is designed to capture light and create a focused image. As a rule of thumb, the better the lens, the clearer and less distorted the video image will be.

Glass is the standard lens while plastic is usually found in cheaper devices. The f number demonstrates the aperture size of the lens. A lower number is better than a larger number because it captures more light and has a larger aperture.


  • Good Lens: 9 Element, 1.8 Glass Lens
  • Worse Lens: 5 Element, 2.4 Plastic Lens

Parking Mode

Parking mode is a recording mode that’s made to protect your vehicle once the car is turned off. This is important for events such as vandalism and hit-and-run cases. True parking mode cameras have features such as pre-buffered recording and motion detection to enhance parking recording capabilities.

Some dash camera manufacturers have small internal batteries that don’t give enough power for parking recording. The best parking mode dash cameras will have memory partitioning to keep hit and run files. Get this feature if you want to protect your car even while it's parking in a stationary location.

WiFi and GPS

WiFi featured dash cams allow you to use your phone as a screen and control the camera. With WiFi, you can download and view videos and change the settings via the WiFi app. This feature is useful when you have to share your videos police officers, insurance company, or on social media.

Dash cameras with the GPS feature can log the location and speed of the vehicle. We suggest getting this feature if you have a company or professional vehicle in possession. You can use GPS dash cameras to argue against false speeding claims and monitor your employees driving behavior.

Capacitor vs. Lithium-Ion Battery

Capacitors are the recommended choice because they have a longer lifespan and are more heat resistant than lithium-ion batteries. They won’t damage your camera or cause accidental leaks.

But, capacitors are more expensive. Also, capacitors lose their charge over time and become completely drained. This leads to important settings such as date and time to reset automatically. Capacitors battery time is measured in seconds, not minutes.


Lithium-ion batteries are inexpensive and easier to integrate with other electronics. They have a 5x-10x longer charge than capacitors; meaning that you can use the dash camera like a camcorder.

With lithium-ion batteries, you can record accident scenes or police encounters without a smartphone. However, their batteries have low reliability, and many manufacturers use low-quality batteries that die sooner. No matter what battery you choose, make sure your dash camera is compatible with it.

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Closing Remarks

Overall, the Yi Dash Camera is worth your money. The camera has a motion and G-sensor feature that automatically turns on when a parked car collides with your vehicle. Ultimately, you should look into this camera if you want the highest level of vehicle protection and sufficient video documentation.

Do you have any questions or experiences using this device?

Share in the comments below.

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