Z-Edge HP Dash Camera Reviews 

 July 9, 2022


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There are few companies left that offer the product quality that Zero Edge Technology does. Their products specialize in action based camera and recording tech that is suitable for everything from going diving to extreme sports.

For the regular consumer, their reasonably priced Z-Edge Dash camera combines the same high-performance technology with an easy to use interface. The Z-Edge Dashcam is not only an excellent purchase for any serious driver that values their safety but anyone that wants something built to last any number of conditions.

About The Product


  • It was voted the number #1 dash camera of 2016 by WireCutter
  • High sensitivity based sensors that activate and start recording with any vibration
  • Top notch picture quality: 2k HD
  • 1080p resolution
  • Energy saving modes that automatically shut off when the car is off and on when the ignition is activated.
  • Has the ability to capture even the most minute details such as license plates, tags, and more.
  • An included a 32gb memory card and rechargeable batteries so it can get to work right out of the box.
  • Cost Efficient (With Energy Saving & Warranty Options)
  • Occasional Scratched Screen Upon Delivery
  • Easy To Use
  • Some SD Cards Are Incompatible
  • Thoughtful Design

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What Customers Have Said

The company itself is based in the United States that, based on their Amazon, and other reviews online takes quality control seriously. Almost every review from users report that their products work not only as described, but in many cases better.

While there are a few that complain about scratched LCD screens upon delivery, most have their issue resolved within days by sending their product back and replacing a new one. The only other critique that comes is the battery charging capacity. The battery without being turned off or being plugged in can run for 20-40 minutes of continuous recording before it shuts off.

This can seem like a headache, but the charger included works while the car is running so even for long trips it's capable of lasting as long as needed. The only time it's a hassle is when either the charger is forgotten or its left on without any of the energy safety features being activated.


One of the most focused on points that customers have wanted to know is the highest card storage support. The importance of the card storage capacity is because of the looping feature that the dash cam has.

It is essentially a temporary storage function that after a certain period after the storage capacity has been reached will erase the unneeded footage to save money and make it more efficient. While it comes with a decent SD card, it's recommended to upgrade to a 64gb storage card so that you can maintain your records for far longer before they relapse.

Another feature that customers find interesting is exactly how the device chooses when to activate and when not to. While it is synced up to activate automatically when the car turns on, it is also able to function while in power save mode when the car is off.

The dash cam was created to be able to record in the event of an attempted break-in whenever the car is stagnant. It is turned on by vibrations against the body of the card such as opening a door or cracking a window. This allows it to capture any movement that happens in high-quality footage inconspicuously.

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Buying Advice

As with any purchase of an electronic, it's not required that you purchase a new one, but it is strongly recommended both because of the long-term cost and the variability in what you may end up with. Buying through amazon.com is the easiest and fastest method for getting it delivered intact at a lower price than any other channel.

One reason it's important to buy new is the money back guarantee and the warranty options that the company offers. Most damages are covered within the first 18 months by the company but only if bought from a supporting vendor. Buying from a third party invalidates the warranty in most cases due to the changing hands and inability to track the source of problems.


The other reason to buy new is the thirty-day money back guarantee that most don't have to take advantage of. If for nothing else, it's good to have as a just in case it doesn't work the way you'd like.

One other thing to consider when purchasing your camera is which SD card you use. If you decide to pick up a larger storage capacity for your camera, be sure to choose one that is compatible carefully.

Some of the most popular 64gb SD cards have too low of a write speed to function with the camera, which can lead to an error appearing that makes it temporarily not functional. It’s an easy to solve problem only requiring the user to switch out to one that works well.

Many users have reported their camera not working when using the wrong SanDisk SD card which happens when it has too much footage stored, and it can't auto reset the way it is intended to.

The Verdict

As mentioned before, the Z-Edge is voted one of the best dash cameras for the people for a reason. It's superior design make it the perfect Christmas present, and during tumultuous times, it makes sense to have a bit of extra security for your vehicle and your legal protection.

Many users report the camera as being responsible for saving them from thousands in collision costs and thefts. Ultimately, it's better to have physical evidence protecting you than an eyewitness in most situations.

The Z-Edge Dashcam is the perfect tool for keeping your car safe from potential thieves, insurance scammers, and more. With its high definition quality picture output and ease of use, it's a necessary addition to your vehicle.

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